We are a company capable of printing on virtually any type of material and offer any product suitable for the realization of the design of your point of sale, both inside and outside



Large-format printing on the main materials for presentation of your products: on plastic, film, glass, acrylic, banners, re-board, metal, wallpaper, back-lit, canvas, fabric and other print quality materials As in paintings gives a wide range of possibilities for the presentation of your product and brand.


Multi-layer printing allows, for example, to represent double-sided images in transparent materials, to add relief and to highlight parts of the image with varnish. Modern printing has infinite possibilities.









Printing with subsequent cutting, milling and contour cutting in our equipment diversifies the solutions for the points of sale. Letters and signs with volume, boxes and luminous panels: all these products allow to increase the possibilities of the sales of your company.



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