Our company is engaged in production for more than 10 years. After the construction crisis, we had to look for new ways of development, and we focus on direct printing on solid surfaces - an innovative technique with increasing demand in the market.

We have redirected our activity to a new branch of printing, which we believe has many perspectives given the changes in the quality of current technologies


In PRINTARAMA we use the best equipment and materials to print in any format, obtaining high quality results.


Digital printing allows images to be captured on all types of surfaces, achieving a quality so high it makes it look real.


 Foto de nuestra empresa Printarama
 Foto de nuestra empresa Printarama

The calibration of the drop in our equipment reaches 4 pkl, which allows to get the reproduction of a quality image on any solid or flexible surface and also allows the printing of several layers simultaneously recreating the geometric profile of a painting or a drawing.


Multi-layer printing achieves an image with volume, impossible to achieve with traditional methods. The precision is so high that it creates layer by layer a 3D image as real as a real painting.



The Benefits of Digital Printing:


        • Excellent quality

        • Speed: to meet the most demanding deadlines

        • Accuracy: Creation of exact copies

        • Minimal waste: optimum consumption of materials



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Foto de nuestra empresa Printarama

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