On glass

  • Glass, crystalline methacrylate
  • Bright print in 6 colors
  • Optical depth and perfect brightness
  • 3D Effect for Radiant Patterns




Magic glass - direct printing on glass

Glass floors, stained glass, roofs and ceilings, glass panels and wall panels, glazed facades.

When printing on the glass, the designers have opened an infinite field of possibilities.

It is possible to copy the original image to 100%; The saturated and bright colors of the image are maintained over time.


Glass floors

Stained Glass

Ceilings and roofs

Glass countertops

Wall panels

Glass facades of buildings

The digital tinting of the glass with the direct printing method replaces the traditional and cumbersome sandblasting, in addition, there is the possibility of highlighting parts of the image, which allows unleashing creativity.


Printing on glass provides an additional volume effect, the thicker the glass, the more voluminous the image becomes.




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