The technology Print&Cut greatly accelerates the process of cutting the material after the printing, that allows obtain the finished product practically immediately after printing. The presence of a camera in the cutter allows cutting and milling on pre-applied marks.

The equipment has a working field size of 3000x2000 mm.


Corte y fresado material

Cutting of laminar materials


Thanks to the modern computer equipment, the cutting of laminar materials is no longer a hard and tedious process as it was before.

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is in charge almost the entire cutting process, decreasing in this way:


  • Mistakes and deviations from the parameter set
  • The human factor
  • The cost of the final product

All this allows to offer a competitive price to the costumer


Corte y fresado material
Corte y fresado material



PVC milling and other materials is, nowadays, the most advanced technology in the advertising world. Its infinite possibilities allow to make both flat shapes and bulky shapes of any degree of difficulty, density and size.


Also, the PVC milling is the most demanded technique currently in the advertising sector. PVC has become one of the most used materials, both indoors and outdoors.


The list of services is large, and includes, among others:

High quality inscriptions and engravings on drawings, stands, plates, outdoor advertising boxes, volumetric letters, company logos, decorative elements, home

elements, also text printing and 3D drawings on the surface of the materials.





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